JOHN – Head Chef


JANE – California

“Thank you so much for the quality of your beef! So far I have only tried the ground beef as that is all I’ve found in my local grocery store. I first tried your brand as it was the most affordable. Just over a month ago I went full carnivore in an effort to correct PTSD, Type 2 diabetes, thyroid issues and more. While I initially ate other cuts of meats, the one thing I have eaten every day for a month is your ground beef. In fact, many days I ONLY eat the ground beef with a bit of organic grass fed beef tallow to add some healthy fats in. So far my glucose has dropped to near normal numbers. I sleep through the night (something that I haven’t done in years since the event that left me with PTSD). ALL premenopausal symptoms are gone. Eczema is gone. Anxiety and inability to emotionally cope with change is gone (another PTSD symptom). Allergies, which I’ve had almost my whole life, are all but gone. And finally, I’m losing weight and dropping pant sizes! I had tried everything to cure myself including going vegetarian (which nearly killed me after a year). Keto helped quite a bit, but nothing has done for me what eating good quality beef has done. I would happily send you before and after pics if there were a way to attach them to this message. So thank you thank you thank you for producing quality ground beef and making it affordable. It is, quite literally, saving my life. As finances allow, I hope to get my husband and son on it as well. For now, though, they are equally thrilled to see life coming back to me.”

Ellie K.

Beef Burgers with Blue Cheese

If I could reach out and hug you all I would. Thank you so very much for making such wonderful meats available to us through our Hannaford store.

We purchase your Hamburger every week and just love it. My mother is 85 and she knows that there is something wrong with the ” regular” hamburger. She says ” oh it is so swollen, it’s bad”. we would never buy it and God forbid eat it.

We have a very hard time getting healthy meats, but thanks to your company, we can.

Wishing you all a blessed day !!”

Celeste C.

“I buy your ground beef at my local HEB two packs at a time. I enjoy the flavor and freshness of the beef. Grass-fed beef is the cleanest-tasting beef and organic is a major factor. I thank you for providing me with beef that is good for me. I pray for the day when HEB will also carry your other beef products as well. For example steaks, stew meat, and others.”

Deborah L.