Benefits of GrassFed Beef


The beef we offer at Spring Crossing Cattle Company supports a healthy lifestyle possible. Adhering to the highest safety standards and providing a product that is 100% free range is important to us. We are uncompromising when it comes to pasture being the primary source of nutrition for the life cycle of our cattle. We take pride in our standards of excellence.

Why Grassfed Beef Is The Choice for You

  • Good for You- Grassfed cattle gain all of their nutritional requirements from grass. Because of this, the beef contains higher levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and CLA’s (Conjugated Linolec Acid). It also has an excellent balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, offers more dietary protein, and contains much less fat and cholesterol. Imagine being able to sit down to dinner and eat a hamburger that is just as good for your health as a fish dinner. Amazing isn’t it?
  • Good for the Cattle- Grassfed cattle live on the free range, spending their entire lives enjoying wide-open Australian pastures, grazing in communal groups on their natural food, grass. This free range system and our humane treatment of the animals promotes a low stress, healthy environment.
  • Good for the Environment- Our cattle consume grass and naturally fertilize the land they are raised on. Because the cattle are allowed to freely range over open land, they help manage native fauna, promote biodiversity and strengthen ecological systems. The Grassfed system enjoys a favorable carbon footprint and ensures our cattle are raised in conditions that promote a strong and healthy environment.
  • Better for Business- Today’s consumers are conscious about the nutritional value of the food they consume, often going to great lengths to seek out restaurants and grocery stores to satisfy their demand for this type of food. With the help of Spring Crossing Cattle Company, you have the opportunity to provide your customers with natural, grassfed, and free range beef they can feel confident about.
  • Better for Dinner- Safe, healthy food is important to consumers, but what makes grassfed the better choice for dinner? It tastes wonderful. If you’ve never had the opportunity to taste grassfed, free range beef, you’re in for a treat. One bite into a burger or steak made with our beef, and you can taste how real, right, and beefy grassfed is. Also, you can end the meal full, but you won’t feel weighed down. That’s because grassfed beef finishes cleanly on the palate and isn’t greasy.

Natural. Healthy. Safe. Grassfed.

Whether you’re purchasing beef for yourself or for your restaurant or grocery store, these are the words you want to hear. At Spring Crossing Cattle Company, we know this, and we want to help you experience the joy of tasting real grassfed beef.

Spring Crossing Cattle Co.